Marie-Thérèse Schlösser

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The artwork of Marie-Thérèse Schlösser is very intuitive. She powerfully expresses her feelings in her work. Knowledge of technique is used fully and with love for the experiment in all disciplines. “As an artist,I improve the image I have by creating my owïI, very private world. Finding balance is essential, between round feminine shapes and male sharp lines. Freedom is where it all begins. I create this own world primarily for myself, to be continuously surprised. Then I invite people to take a look into my world. My artwork doesn’t have titles; I allow every person to look at my work with his or her own eyes.”

And she succeeds! The pleasure splatters offthe artwork and you will need extra eyes to notice all the details. What instantly stands out is her use of diÍferent materials, the dimensions of her work and her strong expression. Marie-Thérèse is not afraid of great dimensions, on the contrary, she prefers working on a large scale. In her studio there is a special collection of objects to discover: bones, stones, a giant cow head and dangling dummy legs. Several painter easels stand next to each other, to paint simultaneously.

The canvas of the large paintings is richly built up by material, where her love for 3D is taking shape. Her studio is as a laboratory where technology as well as the experiment get the space they need.
Where art bubbles and sizzles.

‘No longer is the sky the limit!”

The magical world of Marie-Thérèse is a very atfactive one. A new place where beauty is not the objective; the road to it is the adventure. Where colour, light and intensity are leading. Where strength and spontaneity win over the ordinary, the calibrated, the everyday. Ragged edges and decay are not wiped away, but lovingly embraced.